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Agents of I.N.U. is a web platform dedicated to helping investors trade DeFi (Decentralized Finance) (?) tokens with confidence. The Platform allows users to conduct deep analysis into the safety and potential of a token, including: * Live honeypot detections by periodically simulating buys & sells * Rug and scam detection through advanced contract source code analysis * Contract creator analysis to detect repeat scammers * Detailed price, volume and trade analysis with advanced sorting functionality * Powerful filtering to allow users to discover tokens that match their unique criteria * Cross-chain Token (?) analysis * Focus on UX/UI for ease-of-use and broader market appeal Additionally, the aim is to expand the Platform into the following areas: * Portfolio & Watchlist Tracking * Educational Content (videos & blog posts) Agent Shiba I.N.U. is the utility token for the Agents of I.N.U platform, trading on the Binance exchange (?) Smart Chain. Agent Shiba I.N.U. tokenomics include: * Taxes to reflections, rewarding holders * Taxes to liquidity pool, increasing price stability of the token * Taxes to marketing, used to expand reach of the project and attract new investors * Taxes to development, used to continue product development and develop new features Additionally, holders of Agent Shiba I.N.U will have access to premium functionality of the Agents of I.N.U. platform, with tiers based on the number of tokens held.
  • Exchange symbol (?): AGENTSHIBAINU
  • Cryptocurrency type (?): Token (?)

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