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What is Allspot?

Allspot – it is blockchain secured payment platform adjusted for international trading.

Full description of Allspot

Allspot – it is Blockchain (?) secured payment platform adjusted for international trading. The platform is corresponding to traditional banking practices such as “letter of credit” (L/C) A.K.A “documentary credit” payment mechanism and follows most of ISBP and UCP600 rules. Decentralized Allspot Payment Platform (DAPP) as well as traditional (L/C) will provide economic guarantee to the seller/exporter in Exchange (or Cryptocurrency exchange) (?) to the documents which are specified in the contract with the buyer/importer. The seller/exporter will be able to withdraw his assets only after buyers/importers approvement that the documents are satisfying his needs. DAPP allows trust less B2B trading across the globe secured by Binance exchange (?) Smart Chain. Allspot ALT Token (?) – BEP20 and TRC10 tokens for contact interactions and premium features purchases
  • Exchange symbol (?): ALT
  • Cryptocurrency type (?): Token (?)

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 Source: NOMICS