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What is Attack on Floki?

So this token is anime based, attack on titan is the name of the anime.

Full description of Attack on Floki

So this Token (?) is anime based, attack on titan is the name of the anime. In the anime theres a huge village with walls that fight titans from the outside world. But in this game instead of titans you will fight huge flokis and have to cut there neck to kill them. As you fight more and kill more youre level will be higher. As you level up you will be earning nice AOF. The game beta is released in mid February. Oh and its on roblox, so playable on every device. Release of public beta testing is scheduled to open in mid-to-late February. Implementation of the P2E system is expected to launch an estimated two weeks after public beta. It will work by scanning your Roblox inventory for ‘Player Badges’, which are earned in-game and awarded as you progress through levels. Depending on the badges you own, you will be able to claim a daily stake in the pool of $AOF tokens on our platform.
  • Exchange symbol (?): AOF
  • Cryptocurrency type (?): Token (?)

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