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ApeBoys - A deflationary BSC token with NFT minting and P2E gaming features.

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ApeBoys - A deflationary BSC Token (?) with NFT (Non-Fungible Token) (?) minting and P2E gaming features. The main goal of ApeBoys is to make NFT minting and P2E gaming very flexible to investors. Ape Boys NFT minting is already live on the dapp connected to the website. Ape Boys is basically a deflationary NFT token. Collection 1, a collection of 2500 unique NFT artwork is being minted right now with 650/2500 already been minted by the community. The minting price is in a tiered price scale starting at 0.03 per mint and raising by 0.03 every 500. These minting funds go back into the project by funding a manual buyback Wallet (?) which the team will strategically use to “eat dips” The ApeBoys NFTs also have a unique utility built into the smart contract. The contract detects the number of NFTs you hold and automatically adjusts your buy tax. Also in a tiered scale starting from 5 NFTs lowers the buy tax to 10% scaling all the way down to a possible 0% buy tax by holding 21+ Ape Boy NFTs. This brings desirability to the NFTs. The team's marketing plans are massive with very many large Crypto (?) influencers on telegram lined up to post. The project is also running a successful Chinese marketing campaign at the moment. We’d also like to bring our marketing to the Indonesian market. The goal of this is to reach as large of an audience as to bring ApeBoys international. Post launch we will branch out from just Telegram into many other social medias and avenues of marketing to bring a wider audience in. Future utilities are lined up too. The future utilities - NFT Staking (?) coming in phase 2, to bring even more value to the NFTs. Finally in phase 3 the release of the ApeVerse. A metaverse game involving virtual card games where people can battle their NFTs.
  • Exchange symbol (?): APEBOYS
  • Cryptocurrency type (?): Token (?)

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 Source: NOMICS