What is APIS Coin?

APIS Token is a utility token based on TRC-20 smart contract.

Full description of APIS Coin

APIS Token (?) is a utility token based on TRC-20 smart contract. It ensures the operating of the ecosystem and a healthy dApps (Decentralized Application) (?) environment. APIS Ecosystem is intended for profit sharing and providing revenue-generating services for all APIS token holders. The APIS token captures the network value of the APIS ecosystem and allows everyone in the TRON community to participate passively. APIS was created to facilitate the Exchange (or Cryptocurrency exchange) (?) of value between the key users within the APIS ecosystem. By enabling the direct exchange of value without expensive middlemen earning large shares of revenues, we will build an inclusive and rewarding ecosystem of trusted Decentralized (?) applications that provides opportunities for all. APIS is a token issued on the TRON network, used to drive value exchange between market participants within the APIS ecosystem and form a decentralised token economy. APIS tokens are involved directly and indirectly in every transaction settled on the APIS ecosystem, which in turn creates a demand for APIS tokens. Additionally, APIS token offers functionality within the ecosystem, such as providing access to services and products. The APIS token price is determined by market mechanics (supply and demand) but will be greatly influenced by the value created through utility, governance and development of the network. Our token business model has been designed to create and retain value within the ecosystem by incentivising key interactions between network participants and value exchange
  • Exchange symbol (?): APIS
  • Cryptocurrency type (?): Token (?)

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 Source: NOMICS