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What is AuroShiba?

AuroShiba is the first community gaming token created on the Aurora network.

Full description of AuroShiba

AuroShiba is the first community gaming Token (?) created on the Aurora network. Our goal is to build a large and cohesive community. Main tasks: 1) Contests and tasks for holders, with valuable and characteristic prizes 2)Staking and Farming, so that ASHIBA holders can earn not only on price increases 3) Collections of NFTs, with useful mechanics (use in the game, to get new heroes and increase their ability, and increasing the APY for token holders in Staking (?) and farming). 4) Creation of DAO, all ASHIBA holders will be able to influence and manage the development of our project, because we are focused on the interests of the community 5) Collaboration with various influencers and major projects in Aurora to develop and popularize our project. 6) Listing on major exchanges and creating a token on other Blockchain (?) (BSC), and opening a bridge between the networks
  • Exchange symbol (?): ASHIBA
  • Cryptocurrency type (?): Token (?)

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 Source: NOMICS