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What Is Arcturus (ATC)? Arcturus is a crypto community, focused on building Sports AI, Analytics, Gaming, Metaverse and NFT products and platforms.

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What Is Arcturus (ATC)? Arcturus is a Crypto (?) community, focused on building Sports AI, Analytics, Gaming, Metaverse and NFT (Non-Fungible Token) (?) products and platforms. The open-source project also aims to “redistribute the AI and Analytics industries towards decentralisation” — helping to create a society that is more secure, transparent and fair. Meanwhile growing an ecosystem of Blockchain (?) & AI products and platforms. A Major challenge in cryptocurrencies is to facilitate and maintain liquidity on decentralised exchanges. By nature, decentralised exchanges require liquidity for user participation and trading, thus the responsibility is on the developers to provide it. Historically, developers created incentives aimed at users to provide liquidity which can be outweighed by risk due to the subjectivity of impermanent loss. As a solution, Arcturus utilises a smart contract function to automatically capture liquidity to be used on the decentralised exchanges and held in custody independent from user possession. How Many Arcturus Coins Are There in Circulation? Arcturus launched its mainnet on January 15, 2022 with 100 billion Arcturus tokens created at genesis. Each Transaction offers: 5% Auto LP - 2% Holders Reward - 3% Growth Fund, while the remaining 5 Billion Coins are burned. Who Are the Founders of Arcturus? Arcturus is the brainchild of an anonymous group of developers, whom have extensive experience in programming, Blockchain and AI. Where Can I Buy Arcturus (ATC)? Arcturus is available for trading on Pancake Swap and will soon be available on growing number of exchanges. What Makes Arcturus Unique? Arcturus aims to create an ecosystem of blockchain & crypto based platforms and products in Sports AI, Analytics, Metaverse, Gaming and NFTs to help move those industries towards decentralised ecosystems. How Is the Arcturus Network Secured? According to Arcturus’s Whitepaper, ATC is a BEP20 Token (?) based on Finance Smart Chain, a fully secured blockchain.
  • Exchange symbol (?): ATC
  • Cryptocurrency type (?): Token (?)

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