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Introduction. Another Bullish project by Enthucrypto.

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Introduction. Another Bullish project by Enthucrypto. This AquaDoge is a pure memecoin with a huge plan for the future. Marketing, Listing, Exposure and Buyback/Burning lead us to have a bullish and organic pump. Base on our plan, AquaDoge will be the one of the best memecoin in 2022. Huge Marketing -Using our tokenomics, we will push our marketing by paying alot of influencer to promote us. Telegram Influencer, Youtube Influencer, Community influencer, and Chinese marketing Community Based - This Token (?) is a community based token so as a dev, we are trying to build a healthy and strong community. Using our experience in marketing, we are confident to say that we can do it with the help of our investors and other professional friends. Experience Team - We are confident to say that our team members are experience enough to handle a project like this. Confident, Transparency, and Consistent to our obligations are the key to success. Regarding on our tokenomics: 💧10% Liquidity 💲10% Marketing 💎10% Auto Buyback We have 0 buy tax and 30% sell tax. Same like 15% buy tax 15% sell tax. We will use that one based on their coordination. Liquidity - This is so important in any of the project to maintain the chart and also to protect all fomo/new buyer from dump. We use this one to have an stable chart in the future. Marketing -10% marketing will be use to market and give exposure to our community token which help us to achieve our goal(1000x). 10% Buyback/Burn - This 10% will be use to buyback and prevent a huge dump when we start marketing. Buybacked token will be burn or add to our liquidity for the sake of all HOLDERS/INVESTORS Total supply: 1,000,000,000 Max Buy: 2%- 20,000,000 Max Sell: 1%- 10,000,000 Using this setup, we can prevent a huge dump that usually cause of panic selling. Combination of Buyback/Burning, This is 100% moonshot!
  • Exchange symbol (?): H2O
  • Cryptocurrency type (?): Token (?)

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